If you give your referral code to someone and they enter it when they make their first purchase you will get $10 and the person redeeming the code will get a 10% discount.

1) Your account must be active (not expired).
2) The maximum you can earn is $100/month.
3) You can not redeem your own code (please be honest).
4) At the end of every month we will send you a check for the amount you earned. Please allow 2 weeks to process the checks and receive them.
5) We reserve the sole right to refuse any referral for any reason.
6) These terms are subject to change without notice.

To help you make a sale, you can print out the following to distribute to a fellow classmate. Remember, image is everything when selling. We suggest you print the two documents using card stock or 2 sided photo paper. The pdf has a text field for you to copy/paste your referral code. The referral code can be found on your "My account" page.

Side 1
Side 2